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  • Shooter’s Exclusive Spring Festival Firecracker Comes~

    92 laser shooting simulator is consisted of bluster 92 model and blue laser response tube. It simulates the firing operation of the real gun and can be pulled the sleeve, disassemble, release the sleeve on the hook, and switch the safety ke

  • AKP1 Laser Network Intelligent Target System

    AKP1 Intelligent Target System is consisted of a LED display, a controller and a group of shooting targets. Intelligent target built-in battery and wireless transmitter, according to the command from the controller will automatically stand

  • Good Helper For Home Shooting Training

    In the situationof COVID-19 raging, going out for shooting training not only costs alot, but also threatens life and safety by the epidemic at any time. Inordertoletshootersdoshootingtrainingsafely, effectively at home, SpecialPiereleasedho

  • Special Pie,Exclusive Timer Sponsor of AAWS SOCHI 2022

    Special Pie M4P1 Airsoft Timing System becomes the designated timing system in AAWS SOCHI 2022 (Short for 2022 IPSC ACTION AIR WORLD SHOOT), which is held every 4 year, equivalent to Olympics in IPSC. M4P1 will provide timin

  • Laser shooting training APP---Laser Shooter APP

    Laser shooter APP, designed by Special Pie, is a professional assistant shooting training app, which provides basic shooting training stages and various shooting sports training stages (IPSC, IDPA , 3GUN etc.). And the military and police ve

  • F22 Projection Laser Simulation Shooting Training System

    F22 is a highly integrated shooting training system, the projector has built-in computer, laser receiver and shooting software, shooters can do shooting training with L17 laser simulator after turning on it. There is no need for complicated

  • 9mm Laser Tube for Refitting Your Gun to Laser Shooting Simul

    Nowadays, a growing number of policemen, military men and IPSC, IDPA, 3Gun shooters choose laser shooting to exercise their shooting for its convenience, safety and low cost. And dry fire training with a laser shooting simulator is the most


    Duetothecovid-19, most of shootingrangesare closed nowadays. In order to letshootersbeabletodo shootingtrainingat home, anewestshootingproductcomesupIntelligentLaserSensingTarget, Model: J10C Lookingat its unique appearance, doesit attract

  • New Series Laser Shooting Equipment Launched in the Show

    In a changing international situation,SpecialPieactively responded totherequirementsofthegovernment,a series of laser shooting training equipment for military and police hasbeen developed aftera year of unremitting efforts. Andthesetraining

  • M4P1 Contributes To 2020 CPSA IPSC ACTION AIR COMPETIT

    With the rapid development of IPSC shooting in China in past two years, more and more people know about IPSC Action Air and take part in it. At the same time, some excellent shooters emerge to be active in IPSC International Competition. In