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  • The Best Photos/Videos Selection of M1A2 Timer is Ukraine

    Recently our authorized distributor in Ukraine has held an event that taking photosor videoswith Special PieM1A2 shot timer. This eventattracted a lot shooters to take part in. Shooters take photosand videos whenusing M1A2 shot timer and th

  • M4P1 Contributes To 2020 CPSA IPSC ACTION AIR COMPETIT

    With the rapid development of IPSC shooting in China in past two years, more and more people know about IPSC Action Air and take part in it. At the same time, some excellent shooters emerge to be active in IPSC International Competition. In

  • 二青会射击飞碟项目预赛临汾落幕 济南体校拿到


  • 2017年极限射箭海南三级赛正式开始招募

    国际极限射箭三级赛将于2017年9月下旬在中国海南省举行,本次比赛是国际极限射箭协会在世界范围内举行的第一个三级赛,共有10个场景。 本次比赛面向全世界,各个国家的选手都可