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Guangdong Special Pie Technology Ltd. is a branch company of Shenzhen Indesign technology, located in Science&Technology Park of Beijing University in Dongguan City. It focuses on developing and selling intelligent sports products, war wound simulation training system and interactive projection series products.
The intelligent sports include archery and shooting sports. Presently, Special Pie has developed the very first and most advanced interactive projection auto-scoring archery system and paper target auto-scoring archery system, which are sold to different comprehensive stadium and new archery club in oversea market. Plus, the shooting series products includes M1A2 shot timer, intelligent target system, and L17 laser shooting training system, mainly used in military&police training and IPSC/IDPA shooters’ practice.
Interactive projection series uses optic interactive technology, developing portable interactive whiteboard, interactive projector, and P9 all in one projector and so on. These products are mostly used in multi-media teaching in school and meeting in company.
As the very first company that brings interactive technology into archery and shooting sports area, Special Pie will persist in centering on the developing and sales of the products and aspired to become the leading brand in archery and shooting industry in the world.
01 Product R&D
Developing more products applied in multi-media education, interactive commercial advertising and archery, shooting sports etc.
02 Differential Innovation
Searching for new opportunities and differential product to make featured and usable products based on demands of business and trade state, and our own technolo...
03 User Activation
Helping our agent and end user to make practical incentive system to improve customer loyalty and repurchase rate from the angle of long term user value and bus...

Brand Story

  • Brand Development·Vission
    To become a more global and diversified brand, focusing on innovation, sincere and perfection, aiming to be the most responsible brand of intelligent sports.
  • Brand Development·Mission
    Manufacturing more smart and practical products of archery and shooting sports to promote its development.
  • Brand Development·Innovation
    Always stay hungry and curious. Prefect the present product and continuously developing new products to meet the market requirements.

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Development Path

  • 2010
    Indesign Technology, as the parent company of Special Pie, was founded.
  • 2012
    Indesign becomes the first company whose IR touch frame supports 256 touch point, breaking through technology limitation and promoting IR technology used in di...
  • 2014
    Indesign develops the first and brightest ultra-short throw LED smart projector in conjunction with Young Optics Taiwan.
  • 2015
    R&D direction aims at archery and shooting sports area, most of the developing efforts are put in to interactive archery system.
  • 2017
    Shifting emphasis on researching civilian and military shooting training equipment and system, developing the shot timer and intelligent target system within 6 ...
  • 2018
    Sponsor the IPSC Action Air World Shooting Championship 2018 Hong Kong, using APSC timing system in all 30 stages.
  • 2019
    Launch the L17 laser shooting training system, the archery and shooting products are sold to military and police training market in worldwide.
  • 2029
    Special Pie is determined to become the first brand in intelligent archery and shooting sports industry.