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System Introduction

“Archery+” is specially researched for traditional archery clubs, with auto-scoring and competition function. It adopts computer image recognition and multimedia technique, to realize auto-scoring function in a target sheet of archery.

“Archery+” makes the archery more interesting and users can see their scores immediately. Thus, it will improve customer’s sticky to the club.

“Archery+” is the lowest solution to improve competitiveness of the archery club and attract more customers for it.

System Demonstration

Specially designed for traditional archery, auto scoring, low cost, easy to install

System Characteristics

  • Auto-Scoring, Read Target

  • More Interesting, Higher Customer Sticky

  • Low Cost to Use

  • Easy to Install

  • Start Competition in two lines

  • Support Wechat Log in

  • Suitable for indoor&outdoor usage

  • Displaying Ranking List in local club and other clubs